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Sara Yumeka is a cheating Japanese housewife and today she is out with her lover, who is also married. They are chatting about their spouses and how difficult it is to live with someone they no longer love. They have no plans to divorce as that is very expensive and difficult to do. But both of them have each other now and have for some time and it has allowed them to get some joy out of life despite being married to someone they no longer care for. Today is an escape for both of them. It is some time they can have to themselves to enjoy each other and not worry about their home and the life they must live there. Both of them are excited to finally be together as neither of them are still having sexual relations with their respective spouse. Sara was a co-worker of her lover for many years but never did anything about her infatuation for him because she was still committed to her husband. But things have changed for her the last few years and now she is just interested in living her life the way she likes and enjoying her time how she thinks is best. So today, she is excited to get her pussy worked on. She is looking forward to a finger in her pussy and a tongue on her clit. She enjoys getting her pussy licked and sucked and she made sure to wear some cute panties for today as she knew her lover would be taking off her pantyhose and diving into her panties. What a joy for Sara to be able to spread her legs and know that her lover is going to dive deep into her hole with his face and get her off. Go and enjoy the full video of these two cheaters fucking each other’s brains out.JapanHDV - Sara Yumeka: Cheating housewife Sara Yumeka and her lover get together to fuck

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