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Ami Kasai is a personal housekeeper that comes to your house and cleans, your pipes. That means she comes into your house in the morning and she makes sure that everything is nice and clean. One wondeful thing about her is that she will call you whatever you like. Perhaps you want to be called, Master. Then Ami will call you master while she is in your house. She will do a job on everything in your house that will make everything so clean, and sweet and it will be a joy for you. When she arrives at your place, she will strip down naked so you see how fit she is. She will keep her cute lil maid hat on, but the rest comes off. You are then allowed to examine all of her to be sure she is to your liking and will make a good maid for the day. Make sure when you have her stand for the inspection you have her bend over so you can observe her from behind. And be sure she bends over so you can inspect her tight asshole. Ami has had this job for some time and visited many many homes so she will not be surprised at anything that happens. If you happen to stick her ass with your finger while she is bending over, it will not be a surprise to her and she might just give a little yelp but she will allow it. If you so wish, you can also have her stand and you can reach around from behind and grab those big juicy tits of hers. They really are as great in your hands as they look. Fuck, this is going to be the best day of your life. She is going to clean your balls so well, they’ll be all empty by the time she leaves.JapanHDV - Ami Kasai: Ami Kasai is a personal housekeeper that comes to your house and cleans, your pipes

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