Met Art – Izzy Lush: Behind The Shades

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Met Art – Izzy Lush: Behind The Shades
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Stylish Colombian beauty Izzy Lush walks down a spiral staircase, taking off her sunglasses and unbuttoning her trench coat to reveal sexy lingerie and fishnet pantyhose. The freckle-faced Hispanic babe uses binoculars to spy on strangers in the nearby buildings; aroused by what she sees, she takes off her bra to expose her perky breasts, her nipples deliciously stiff. Swaying her hips seductively, she wriggles out of her thong panties, revealing the fluffy black bush that adorns her mound of Venus. She peels the nylons down over her hot round ass, stretching out on her bed naked to continue her erotic display.



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