Kayci Darko in Private Eyes

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Kayci Darko in Private Eyes
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“Female empowerment is about being your authentic self unapologetically, regardless of the opinions of others,” shares Kayci Darko as she returns for this second feature from the photographer, Tina Louise. On location in Miami, Florida, Kayci comes alive among the lush palm trees. “My number o ne passion is dancing and performing,” shares Kayci. “I love getting to take on a different persona.” Tapping into that energy, Kayci gives a stunning performance as we get to know her more. “A little motto I tell myself is one I heard from my favorite model: ‘happy instead,’” smiles Kayci. “If something negative happens, I tell myself I can focus on this bad thing and be upset about it, or I can be positive and choose to be happy instead. It’s just a simple reminder to myself to see the silver lining in difficult situations.” When she’s not working, Kayci loves to be outside soaking up the sun or inside indulging herself with some R & R. “My favorite things to do for fun are spend time outdoors or on the water,” she says. “Being that I live a very active lifestyle, I also really enjoy relaxing in my spare time. I have self-care days where I pamper myself with face masks, hair treatments, paint my nails, then cook a yummy homemade dinner and watch movies.” See more from Kayci Darko right here on Playboy Plus.


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